Polishing Compounds

Polishing Compounds

Product Description

Product Name:
Polishing Compounds
Country of Origin:
SY-1, SY-2, SY-3, SY-5, SY-6

Detail Specifications

SY-1 Cleaning/Polishing Compound;
SY-2 Hi-gloss Finishing Compound;
SY-3 Stainless-steel-polishing Compound;
SY-5 Degreaser;
SY-6 Rust Preventive

* Finishes metals/non-metals, including zinc, brass, aluminum, ferrous, stainless steel, plastic, ceramic etc.

* Outstandingly smooth; helps extend durability of grinding tools, steel grinding beads and grinding stones

* Polished, glossy metallic surface allows perfect adhesion of plating

* Moderate, skin-friendly, nontoxic, and nonpolluting